Introducing Teralytics Streets

Transportation Planning

Cities can now plan and optimise traffic flows using a complete view of traffic data across their road networks.

Enabling people to travel from A to B free of traffic gridlocks, potholes and with access to decent road services is complex enough in and of itself. However, traffic management has long ceased to be about traffic alone. The imperatives to reduce carbon emissions and create communities that can be sustained long into the future have made traffic management a function of something even greater – promoting economic activity without compromising the planet.

A multitude of tools and data sources is available to cities and consultants who are tackling this challenge, but most of these fall short. The essential piece of the puzzle needed to understand, manage and influence traffic has remained elusive: up-to-date and complete traffic volumes across any road network.

It sounds simple, but it is not. Municipalities spend large proportions of their budgets on field surveys and detection hardware to collect traffic counts. By nature, they cannot be up-to-date and are never comprehensive. Beyond traffic counts, insights such as routes driven between points of interest have traditionally been beyond the means of all but the largest of city budgets.

Towards the end of last year, Teralytics partnered with four German cities and counties to tackle this challenge head-on and create a tool that is both accessible and can deliver fresh, complete insights where other technologies cannot.

With our highly representative, population-level mobility insights drawn from anonymised mobile network data of our telecom partners, and our expertise in agent-based modeling – we knew we were uniquely positioned to find a way to make reliable traffic volumes and routing information available on demand.

Alongside our Beta partners – Cloppenburg, Vechta, Werder and Wolfsburg – our team embarked on a series of interactive workshops to understand cities’ policy priorities, planning needs and workflow processes. Nothing was off the table – data input, product functionality and interface design were all considered in depth.

Today, I’m pleased to present Teralytics Streets as an outcome of this incredible collaboration.

Teralytics Streets allows planners to optimise traffic flows through instant access to street-by-street traffic volumes and trip patterns that occur any specific time of day or day of the week. It incorporates origin-destination and routing information, per road segment and direction. We sought to make it easy for cities to analyse temporal and spatial elements of traffic, zoom into recent traffic data, go back in time and compare dates, as needed. In short, Teralytics Streets allows for the traffic data to be analysed and visualised at the click of a button.

Our launch in many ways is the beginning of a journey. We plan to work with existing and new partners to add functionalities and create solutions that address the requirements of different geographies and mobility challenges.

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