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Run mobility services where and when people want them.

Transport infrastructure

Make the most of your infrastructure - now and in the future.


Usher the new era of car travel.

Tourism consultancies

Attract and manage tourism traffic with up-to-date mobility insights


Engage your audiences at the right time and place with dynamic insights


Access the most current mobility trends in your area.

Matrix Trends

Analyse trends over time and visualise outcomes

Teralytics Streets

Plan and optimise traffic flows using a complete view of traffic data from your area.

Better transportation aims for more than enjoyable journeys

Enabling transportation options that cater to everyone’s needs has a new sense of urgency to it. Find out why now is the time to get it right.

Transportation planning
The Renaissance of Public Transport?

We already understand that 2020 is a watershed moment for the transport industry, yet outcomes will continue to take shape well into next year. Precisely…

Transportation planning
eBook: Teralytics for transportation planners

We can clearly see the future where seamless journeys for everyone have finally become a reality. Picture frictionless interconnection of energy-efficient, time-efficient, capacity-optimized travel services.

Transportation planning
Georg Polzer’s Keynote at Mobile World Congress 2018

This year at Mobile World Congress, co-founder and CPO Georg Polzer delivered a keynote about inclusive data’s role in establishing an artificially intelligent future. For…

Transportation planning
files and folders
Five Ways Big Data Will Revolutionize City and Transportation Planning

It’s time for city and transportation planners to meet the power of big data! Mobile phone data holds valuable insights for city and transportation planners…

Transportation planning
The five most surprising things a train breakdown can tell us about the future for New York’s…

The five most surprising things a train breakdown can tell us about the future for New York’s commuters. Our predictions for the impact of the…

Transportation planning