Teralytics DACH team grows its consultancy focus

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Throughout your career you worked with a number of innovative technology providers catering to the transportation sector. What have you observed as the key challenges in transportation planning and traffic management?

Whether we are talking about planning or operational use cases in transportation, data is at the heart of all challenges and, therefore, all solutions. Without up-to-date, comprehensive understanding of mobility, it is impossible to make effective choices. This is equally true in the development of mobility concepts, as well as traffic light management.

What has drawn you to Teralytics?

About a year ago, I read about Teralytics providing nationwide mobility insights to Destatis, the German Federal Statistics Office, and to the Robert Koch Institute. These two renowned institutions were relying on Teralytics data to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 lockdown measures, and study the correlation between mobility and infection rates in different parts of Germany.

I was fascinated by this innovative use of mobility data. As luck would have it, I started the discussions with the Teralytics team shortly after and, here I am.

Tell us about your current focus in your new job role.

As a Business Development Director, I work with a range of cities, regions and transportation and engineering consultancies in the DACH region.

Consultancies are at the forefront of innovation in the mobility sector. Seeking to achieve competitive differentiation, they are also the ones expected to solve some of the most complex challenges in transportation and to adapt to the changing circumstances.

The last two pandemic years have impacted mobility and decisions related to it at every level. Consultancies are the first to understand the need to embrace new tools to improve their decision making. I’m excited for the opportunity to demonstrate our value to their projects and partner with them to execute on any number of challenging briefs.

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