About us

Teralytics provides a transformative view of human mobility to empower decisions that create better societal, economic and environmental outcomes for everyone.

Our insights cater to a wide range of use cases in transportation, tourism, retail, marketing, public health and economic development.

A reliable baseline for decision making has been replaced with constant mobility flux due to a host of global forces:

  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our work habits and mobility choices
  • The urgent need to lower carbon emissions
  • The geopolitical turmoil creating uncertainty and inflationary pressure
  • The fast-paced development of mobility technologies and services

In order to effectively tackle these, our customers from across industries demand an inclusive, up-to-date understanding of how our mobility choices are being influenced by these immense shifts.

Our approach

Using big data and advanced machine learning to arrive at transformative insight, we help our customers to answer critical planning and operational questions, set strategies and evaluate outcomes.

Our platform replaces or complements traditional mobility data solutions, providing previously unattainable insights into people’s mobility choices. Critically, our customers can now easily monitor the impact of their initiatives, keep stakeholders informed and adjust course where necessary.

Utilising a diverse set of data sources, including customer data and a range of publicly available reference data, our platform provides a holistic and continuous view of human mobility.

Teralytics has data partners in 14 countries throughout the world. Our global footprint enables us to apply our learnings across borders and understand how emerging trends are likely to impact people’s mobility choices.

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