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If we could sum up the conversations we’ve had with our customers throughout this year, it would be about coping with change. For two entire years, 2020 through 2021, a previously fairly stable mobility baseline morphed into an extraordinarily dynamic, remarkably complex mosaic of travel behaviors. At first, it reflected the uncertainty of the pandemic and necessity of policy response. Many had hoped that 2022 would be the year of recovery and return to normality. What we’ve seen instead, is an evolution in mobility that can no longer be pegged to any single event or policy, rather a cacophony of influences both personal and societal in nature.

Our mobility choices reflect our own personal journeys through the pandemic and the changing economic reality. Our sense of safety and personal comfort vary immensely. Our choices do, too. Some of us have had to, or may have chosen to, go to work every day, while some have swapped commuting for remote work altogether. Many of us are still finding our own happy middle ground.

Some of us are rethinking our modal choices due to the environmental imperative to cut carbon emissions, as well as changing fuel and travel costs. As we witnessed during the recent nationwide 9-Euro-ticket initiative in Germany, which made rail transport extremely affordable over the summer, our price sensitivity when it comes to choosing public transport is, at least at the moment, very high. While this is good news for the environment, it is also reflective of the global struggle to keep up with inflation. Pinching pennies includes rethinking how we travel.

Factors influencing mobility today are many, and we believe this will continue to be the case. We cannot tell for sure whether we will be able to find a sense of calm in 2023, whether new normality will be found, or what it may look like should it arrive. What we are extremely proud of is the fact that we can measure it. Quickly, accurately and comprehensively.

The ability to understand mobility choices and how they are changing will be the superpower of savvy transportation planners in the years to come. Our mission is to be there with you every step of the way.

Throughout this year, we’ve introduced a number of new capabilities to our Matrix platform, reflective of your growing need to understand and measure mobility and many of its manifestations, provide evidence for your proposed initiatives, and most importantly, measure progress towards your goals.

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