Navigating tourism demand with mobility insights

Mobility Tourism

See how visitBerlin used mobility insights from Teralytics to understand changes in tourism demand, explore growth potential, and optimise Berlin’s tourism offering.

Tourism is experiencing an upswing, but what trends are emerging and how can we prepare for them?

In this webinar, Teralytics, visitBerlin and Saint Elmo’s Tourism Marketing discuss how destinations can deal with uncertainty, and make their destination marketing and demand management more resilient.

Watch the highlights from the webinar in this video (note: the video is in German):

Expert panel:

  • Norman Volkmann, Data Scientist, VisitBerlin
  • Olaf Nitz, Chief Data Officer, Saint Elmo’s
  • Rahel Stöckli, Business Development Director, Teralytics

You can download the presentation slide-deck below:

If you are interested in how Teralytics’ mobility insights can help you understand and manage tourist demand, please get in touch.

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