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Transportation Planning

Behind every sustainable, livable city is a masterful transportation plan that manages to solve for a number of big picture priorities: Better accessible public transport. Fewer cars on the road. Safer sidewalks and biking paths. Well integrated mobility services for better first mile/last mile connectivity.

And behind most such plans is a transportation consultancy which may have worked with a city for years, sometimes decades, to ensure that its transportation network can keep up with the changing mobility needs of its citizens.

While Teralytics has been partnering with transportation consultancies for a long time to provide mobility insights critical to their decision making, the experiences of this past year have made us realise that we can do much more for our partners to help them succeed.

We understood early on into the pandemic that the world’s mobility map was being redrawn into an entirely new matrix of travel behaviours with a lasting effect. Since, local and national authorities everywhere have realised that mobility has become key to much more than traffic management. Mobility is now used as an indicator of the pace of economic recovery, as well as broad societal shifts. How people move about has become a measuring stick for the effect of remote working policies, the problematic shift to cars as a preferred mode of transport, the challenges faced by public transit, and the future of air travel, among other issues.

This isn’t a temporary symptom likely to go away once we emerge from the pandemic. This is a once-in-a-lifetime leap in the societal contract that shapes our daily routines. As a result, the transportation consultancies we work with deserve much more than a quality delivery of origin-destination matrices to get the job done.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we have entered into a range of partnership agreements with our renowned transportation consultancy customers.

Moving faster and with confidence

We believe that our framework partnership model will enable our consultancy partners to meet the growing challenges in transportation planning with greater confidence in project outcomes through the following:

Leading the way: By embracing the 21st century approach to understanding travel, together we can help cities and regions meet their quality of life and carbon emission targets by accounting for the mobility needs of everyone in our communities.

Acting fast: Our partners have access to the most-up-to-date population-level mobility insights whenever they need them, meaning they can answer tenders confident in the quality of mobility data and having clarity on pricing.

Discovering new opportunities: We see our partners as co-creators. Understanding consultancies’ needs influences our product roadmap. It also means we can discover ways to effectively collaborate.

The evolving transportation challenges require a bold approach and new ways of thinking, which cannot be realised without an understanding of the evolving mobility needs of everyone in the society. We predict that regular recalibration of traffic models will become an industry standard, requiring an acute awareness of how and why mobility is changing not just every few years or so, but at population scale, all of the time.

We’re thrilled to welcome our new partners and look forward to the journey ahead.

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