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Navigating tourism demand with mobility insights

See how visitBerlin used mobility insights from Teralytics to understand changes in tourism demand, explore growth potential, and optimise Berlin’s tourism offering.

Tourism is experiencing an upswing, but what trends are emerging and how can we prepare for them?

In this webinar, Teralytics, visitBerlin and Saint Elmo’s Tourism Marketing discuss how destinations can deal with uncertainty, and make their destination marketing and demand management more resilient.

Watch the highlights from the webinar in this video (note: the video is in German):

Expert panel:

You can download the presentation slide-deck below:

If you are interested in how Teralytics’ mobility insights can help you understand and manage tourist demand, please get in touch.

Hitting the restart button on tourism with mobility insights

Teralytics launches its Tourism offering with visitBerlin as an inaugural client

While we may have put our wanderlust on hold over the past year and a half, the desire to travel is very much a human need and one that a growing number of us are exercising again.

Yet, it is undeniable that our travel choices and behaviours have been impacted by the prolonged requirement to hunker down. So, as the world starts moving again, tourism destinations the world over are wondering what to expect and how to adjust to any changes in tourism demand that is likely to emerge.

Utilising our knowledge of human mobility and our experience in working with transportation customers to help them understand the shifts in people’s mobility needs and preferences, we have extended our focus to tourism to help the industry navigate change and build resilience into their destination marketing and management.

Understanding where visitors come from and how they interact with destinations empowers cities and tourist boards to offer relevant incentives and experiences to potential tourists, grow demand and adapt daily operations to match demand.

We are building a network of tourism consultancy partners to help us empower destinations everywhere to put themselves on the map. Outstanding tourism consultancies, such as Saint Elmo’s Tourismusmarketing and COMPASS, have already joined our programme.

We are also incredibly proud to count visitBerlin, Berlin’s official tourism and congress management organisation, among our inaugural destination customers. In partnership with Saint Elmo’s Tourismusmarketing, Teralytics will enable visitBerlin to gain a full understanding of existing tourism traffic, potential for growth, and ways to optimise Berlin’s tourism offering.

If you are interested in how Teralytics can help you attract and manage tourist demand, please get in touch.